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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Video: Hacking Virtual Reality

"Reveal" is a CGI world-exploring VR experience that invites users into a metaphorical pilgrimage on the quest to find one's place in the world. It was produced in the hands-on humanities class Virtual Reality and Immersive Media Productions. Learn more about the class.

New Urban Science Major

Starting this fall, a new major combining computer science and urban planning will focus on how urban scientists are making sense of cities and urban data in ways never before imagined—and using what they learn to reshape the world in real-time. See a full list of majors and minors.

Setting The Standard for Excellence

A new program called The Standard is working to advance the academic, personal and professional success of men of color at MIT. Students join in their first year and are paired with upperclassmen who serve as peer mentors. In addition, members attend outings, guest lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including professional development, life skills, self-care and financial literacy. Learn more.

Free Online Learning Opportunities

Curious about what first-year students are learning at MIT? Check out this list of STEM classes taken by our first-year students. They are all free and you can take them at your own pace.

Improving the First-year Experience

In Designing the First Year at MIT, a new class offered this spring, students were tasked with solving the ultimate problem set: how to make the first year at MIT better. Working in teams, students tackled pain points they identified in academics, activities and advising and proposed innovative ways to improve those areas. Several ideas from the class are already being considered for implementation. Learn more.