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Video: Go Forth and Measure

From gummy bears to heart rates to exploding pumpkins, the topics mechanical engineering students can explore during the Go Forth and Measure project in Course 2.671 (Measurement and Instrumentation) are virtually unlimited. The class arms students with the knowledge and skills needed to see a research project through from inception to conclusion.

MIT Visits You

This fall, MIT’s admissions officers will visit dozens of cities nationwide, hosting large information sessions for prospective students and their families. Take a look at the full travel schedule to see if we'll be in your area.

Political Science Course Debuts on MITx

Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa is the first MIT political science class produced exclusively for edX. This seven-week course—starting September 26—will introduce students from around the world to the drivers of democratic development in contemporary Africa. Learn more

New Majors and Minors

An exciting new major combining computer science and economics will prepare students for designing the virtual marketplaces of the future. Also new this year is a joint major in chemistry and biology. New minors include environment and sustainability, and polymers and soft matter. See our website for a full list of majors and minors.

Hands-on Fieldwork Experience in Italy

This summer, students in the Materials in Art, Archaeology and Architecture program traveled to Italy for hands-on fieldwork experience. Students were given the opportunity to touch 2,000-year-old structures, study their design, and then recreate and improve the ancient materials using innovative techniques.